Testimonials & Reviews

Shane C. Says:
I was moving to Tacoma from New York, to be with my fiancé, I sent my resume to Reddi; they cleaned it up and began submitting it to companies in Washington. I started receiving calls a few days before I even left New York, and now I have three job offers. Man, I can’t say enough. Thank You.

Regina H. Says:
I was planning on moving back home to Seattle from Baton Rouge. Reddi Business reviewed my resume, revised it, and referred me for a job. I got the job and I have been there for 2 years now.

Russell R. says:
I am truly amazed in Shakonda’s support in designing and customizing my website for Ques Candy Store. I am very grateful for her computer knowledge and with the skill (cont)

Casimiro G. says:
I got a job offer last Wednesday, I am going to start next Monday and I will be working as controller assistant, the benefits are good the environment seems to be good and the pay is more than what I was making at my last job.
I really appreciate your help, last week I received about 6 calls for interviews, I have commented this with some friends and they want you to help them with their resume.
Thank you so much.

Cas G.

Lolita C. says:
Job Help Assistant helped me find a job right away. Me job was closing and they built my resumee and sent it out to employers matching my skills. I got interviews immediately and a job offer beforee my old job ended.
Thank you so much!



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