Terms & Confidentiality

 Terms of Service 

An agreement form detailing the work commissioned together with any special requirements must be signed and returned to us before work can begin.

We are happy to accept work from the US, Canada and overseas.

A full payment will be required upfront for all services under $500. Services over $500 require a 50% deposit. U.S. & Canada customers will receive an invoice after completion, for the balance when service is over $500, which will be payable strictly within five days. Late payments will incur a surcharge. There is a 10 hour monthly minimum for retainers.

Retainers are due no later that the 1st of the month. Hours used in excess of the retained amount are billed at base hourly rate and due within five business days of receipt of invoice.

Overseas customers need to be aware that we accept Pay Pal and will require payment in full before project will commence.

Charitable organizations and educational establishments are eligible for a discounted rate. Please contact us for details.


We recognize that confidentiality and trust is fundamental and is ALWAYS guaranteed.

We will always exercise integrity, honesty and diligence in carrying out our professional duties and responsibilities.

We will always protect any confidential information obtained, and will not use such information for personal gain nor in a manner which would be detrimental to our client or any other party.

We will sign any relevant confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for every project as required.




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